WZLY is a non-commercial college radio station, staffed by students and owned by Wellesley College. WZLY has been Wellesley's radio station since April 20 1942, and was originally titled WBS 730 AM. It was the very first all-women college radio station. In the 80s, the studio was nicknamed "Electric Ladyland", influenced by Jimi Hendrix's album of the same name. There are currently sixty student Disc Jockeys and fifteen members on the executive board of WZLY.

Probably no one will read this before next year but that's okay; I just started at WBS a couple months ago but it has already changed my view of Wellesley. Almost everywhere else on campus people are into strictly individual things: zero community feeling. I don't think that's true here. Even if our feelings aren't reciprocated by the rest of campus yet, they will be sometime soon.

Maybe even next year.

Linda, 1979 "Matilda" station comment book